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Double Glazing/Energy Efficient Glass Canberra

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Living in Canberra we all know about the extreme hot and cold temperatures our houses endure and we are always looking for solutions to minimise cost and maximise comfort levels!

Double glazing can make a big difference to comfort levels in your home. Combined with insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor, double glazing your windows and doors will help keep temperatures stable and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Double Glazing is essentially two sheets of glass that are sealed together to create a single glazed unit with an air space in between. The air gap/pocket essentially acts as an insulating barrier, trapping the heat and therefore improving the energy efficiency of the window.

Double Glazed Units (DGU)are also known as Insulated Glass Units (IGU) and they come in a range of custom sizes. If you have timber frame windows, in most cases, you can keep your frames and replace the old, cold, thin float glass with a new DGU.

If your frames are aluminium or steel- never fear- we have options available.


Energy Efficient, Comfort Plus and Comfort Hush Glass

Energy efficient, environmentally friendly & noise reduction single glazed glass.

If Double Glazing is not a viable option for your home there are a number of other single glazed energy efficient and noise reduction glass products to suit your needs. We offer several options to make your home more comfortable and efficient with minimum disruption to your current frames.

Glass is the final layer of insulation; many Canberra homes still have 3mm float glass installed- to give an idea of how thin this is- we install 2mm into picture frames!

Choosing the right product and glass can save on your energy bills and give your home an ambient temperature during the change of seasons. Invest in an upgrade now and you will continue to benefit for years to come.

Please read our fact sheets for detailed information and specs.

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