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Glass Pet Doors Canberra

A pet door is a convenient addition to your home – the long-lasting benefits for both you and your pet are substantial.

The installation of a pet door will allow your pet the freedom and practicality of being able to come and go as they please- especially during Canberra Winters when nobody wants to wake at 3.00am to let their pet outside!

Canberrans are leading the way in recognizing the importance of cat containment, and largely the support is positive. Discount Glass supports the containment of cats by providing an alternative to accessing the outdoors.Combined with a pet enclosure, a pet door allows freedom of movement within a safe and controlled environment.

The team at Discount Glass can supply and install pet doors into glass for your furry friends. Our qualified glazier will come to you and assess what will work best for your family home. We then order a piece of specialty toughened glass with the hole pre-cut for safety and increased longevity for your cat/doggy door. Discount Glass uses and recommends the PetTek brand of cat and dog doors. These pet friendly doors allow easy access for your cat or dog without compromising your home's security. For further information and specs please follow the link below.

Call Discount Glass today to discuss your options and let our team answer any questions you have related to installing a pet door.

Benefits of pet doors installed into glass:

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Freedom
  • Less anxiety
  • Mental stimulation
  • Independence
  • Security
  • Health and agility
  • Less mess- less stress!

Citywide Cat Containment: