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House Window & Glass Door Replacement Canberra

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We understand that glass breaks when you least expect it and usually at the most inconvenient times. That’s why our glaziers at Discount Glass provide emergency glass repairs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you experience a situation where your glass breaks and it is dangerous or posing a risk to your security, our glaziers will be at your aid in no time.

We will visit you in our fully equipped service vehicles, we will come to your aid any day or night. Our vehicles carry a wide range of glass and equipment to repair your windows on the spot.

If you have had an unexpected break to your window, door or internal glass call Canberra's Discount Glass Team. Our comprehensive range of glass combined with our fleet of special glass carrying vehicles allows Discount Glass to provide a fast and efficient replacement service. We provide a highly responsive service that caters for the emergency replacement needs of our clients ensuring safety and security for your premises.

Safety Laminated glass and Toughened Glass

Laminated glass is an A-Grade safety glass most often seen in shop fronts, doors and bathroom environments. Laminated glass is essentially two pieces of plate glass glued together with a layer of laminate. The benefit of this design is seen in the event of breakage. When the glass breaks the two pieces remain stuck together, keeping the pane in tact, ensuring that no shards come free to injure anyone.

Toughened Glass or ‘Tempered Glass’, has been baked at very high temperatures and then cooled quickly, making the glass 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass of the same thickness. The process of toughening glass creates compression on the surfaces and tension in the centre.

Toughened Glass conforms to the Australian Standard 2208 Safety Glazing Material for use in Buildings and is commonly found in Shower Screens, Balustrades and some glass Table Tops. When Toughened Glass is struck with sufficient force as to cause a breakage, the glass shatters into tiny, relatively harmless, pieces.

Other than replacing broken glass, there are many reasons why you would consider replacing or upgrading your window or door glass, such as safety concerns, security or to improve your energy efficiency.

Many commercial properties have old glass that doesn’t comply with the current Australian standards. Replacing low level glass panels and glass doors with safety glass will bring your business in line with the building requirements and protect your employees and customers, and minimise potential litigation.


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Glue Chip

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Acid Etched

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White Translucent

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